What Is Functional Nutrition?

• Client-centered program in restoring your biological functions to normal and beyond

• Active-listening & detailed medical history review of obstacles encountered in past efforts of restoring normal functions

• Collaboration with clients in identifying obstacles to restore optimal function and formulate workable plan(s)

• Focus on the root cause rather than successive symptom focused treatments

• Identify drug-related side effects leading to deteriorating bodily functions

• A integrative, science-based nutritional intervention & support program

• For optimizing functional status (aka Anti-aging): Identify, analyze and implement new developments in nutritional science, validated by scientific research around the globe

• Practicing principal of “Supplements are Secondary to Mind and Body Balancing”

• Goals measured by both objective & subjective criteria agreed by both the client and practitioner

Steven Chang

Owner/Pharmacist/Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Steven Chang-- Graduated from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. Completed the University of Science of Philadelphia’s Diabetes Health Education course in 1996. Recipient of New Jersey Pharmacists Association Award and the HERO Award for outstanding commitment in 1996. In 1998, he also received the Innovative Pharmacy Practice Award. Certified as a Clinical Nutritionist in 1999. He was on the cover of American Druggist in July 1999. Chairman and Member of the South Jersey Pharmacists Association Political Action Committee.

Cynthia Sutton

Nutritional Consultant

Degree in Education and Certified in Natural Health and Healing. Experience in client coaching.

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