Natural Nutritional Wellness Programs and Supplement Support

Come to Essential Elements to discover your best path

Essential Elements is dedicated to providing the Northfield, NJ, area with the tools and guidance they need to ensure their optimal health. With our nutritional counseling services, you will get an extremely personalized plan to keep your body and mind happy and healthy - free from the use of drugs and medications.

You may currently be dealing with an illness, or you may just feel off. Whatever the case, let our professionals works with you for a specific plan of action so that you can get reach your healthiest state.

At Essential Elements, we provide nutritional counseling revolved around the following health issues and concerns:

• Blood work review, discussion of concerns
• Medication therapy review and recommendations
• Diabetes education to improve control
• Cancer recurrence prevention from nutritional approach
• Chemo/Radiation therapy to improve tolerance by nutritional support
• Auto-immune related chronic disease quality-of-life improvement
• Menopause: hormone balancing to improve quality of life
• Cholesterol: stabilizing with minimal medication use
• Thyroid function improvement
• Alzheimer/Dementia nutritional support to improve function

Alongside these counseling services, our nutritionist, Steven Chang, can also speak to local community groups about the importance of nutritional wellness related to what may have brought the group together. Steven can also participate in corporate wellness events and make a presentation about the benefits of nutritional wellness (which can significantly improve their work life, general health and life balance).

Essential Elements is thoroughly results-driven and oriented. We make sure that the supplements you purchase and the plan of action you receive will truly help you.

For more information about our natural solutions in Northfield, NJ, contact Essential Elements today at (609) 383-1107.

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